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We strongly recommend you to use the Keil as IDE for compiling, it’s simple to modify and observable. The whole procedures rely on to integrate of Debugger and Keil4 software.

This Demo Kit is aim to help the users to learn how to use the E-Paper display easier, and it is designed for 1.5 inch, 2.04 inch, 2.13 inch, 2.7 inch, 2.9 inch, 4.2inch and 7.5 inch e-paper display, and it has the following functions:

1) Built-in update display function.

2) Extra functions can be added such as Flash controller/SRAM/multiple communication interfaces.

3) Two ways of power supply resolution: DC5V input and USB input.

4) Provide reserved LED indicator lights and reserved keys.

DESTM32-S Develop Kit includes the development board DESTM32-S1 and the pin board DESTM32-S2


This pinboard DESTM32-S2 is used for 1.54 inch, 2.04 inch, 2.13 inch , 2.7 inch, 2.9 inch, 4.2 inch, 7.5 inch E-paper display.
Position1.While shorting 0.47Ω resistor and RESE, this board is suitable for the following E-Paper displays::
1.1.54 inch E-Paper Display:  GDEW0154T8, and GDEW0154Z04
2.2.13 inch E-Paper Display:   GDEW0213Z16
3.2.7 inch E-Paper Display:  GDEW027W3 and GDEW027C44
4.2.9 inch E-Paper Display:  GDEW029T5
5.4.2 inch E-Paper Display:  GDEW042T2 and GDEW042Z15
Position 2.While shorting 3.0Ω resistor and RESE, this board is suitable for the following E-Paper displays:
1.1.54 inch E-Paper Display: GDEP015OC1GDEH0154D27GDEM0154E97LT and GDEW0154Z17
2.2.04 inch E-Paper Display: GDE021A1/ILE021A1
3.2.13 inch E-Paper Display: GDE0213B1/GDEH0213B1 and GDEM0213E28LT
4.2.9 inch E-Paper Display: GDE029A1/GDEH029A1,  GDEW029Z10 and GDEM029E27LT
5.7.5 inch E-Paper Display: GDEW075T8 and GDEW075Z09  
DEMO does not provide electronic paper screen, the screen must be purchased separately
If you are new to e-paper, then maybe you also need the main board of demo, then visit Following link to order the demo set that matched with these e-papers:


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