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Good Display is E-ink Display/E-paper Display module, monochrome LCD Display and module, TFT LCD Display, OLED Display and BLE tag professional manufacturer in China. We were founded in 2007 and passionate about engineering various displays for your specific products.    [More...]

    • 2-Color EPD
    • Black & white graphic e-paper display with fast partial refresh.
    • 3-Color EPD
    • Tri-color e-paper display features black, white and red/yellow pigments.
    • Segment EPD
    • Segment e-paper display is available to customize in various shape.
    • Evaluation Kit
    • E-paper display kit are marketed to engineers and provides turnkey solution.
    • Bluetooth Tag
    • Bluetooth Tags include electronic label, key finder, anti-lost tag, BLE tracker.
    • OLED Display
    • OLED displays have Improved image quality and better durability.
    • TFT LCD Panel
    • High brightness, wide temperature, bar type or round type TFT LCD panel.
    • TFT LCD Module
    • TFT LCD modules with A/D board are built-in HDMI,VGA,DVI signal input.
    • Monochrome LCD
    • Segment custom LCD panel, character and graphic dot-matrix LCD module.