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  • Commentator: dikoko
  • Gender: Mr.
  • Commenting time:2017.08.23
  • Comment: I have purchased the board, could you kindly send me the sample code.
  • Reply: ok
  • Commentator: Nolcad
  • Gender: Mr.
  • Commenting time:2017.06.28
  • Comment: Good day!
    I have this board and the 4.3 e-paper display.
    Would you be so kind to provide C source demo for the STM32 application?

    Thanks a lot!
  • Reply: OK
  • Commentator: BOB
  • Gender: Mr.
  • Commenting time:2017.05.10
  • Comment: I got demo kit With GDE015OC1. Please send Demo code, Software and manual. Thanks
  • Reply: ok
  • Commentator: Hung
  • Gender: Mr.
  • Commenting time:2017.05.06
  • Comment: Hi,
    I bought your demo kit with 1.54" displays(GDEW0154T8). Could you send me the manual of demo kit and  sample code demo plz?
    Best Regards,
  • Reply: OK
  • Commentator: Irving
  • Gender: Mr.
  • Commenting time:2017.04.21
  • Comment: Hey, I need to buy just the adapter that connects the board to the display, can you sell it separately? How much for 3?
  • Reply: ok
  • Commentator: Tompa
  • Gender: Mr.
  • Commenting time:2017.04.20
  • Comment: Hello!
    Could you please send me sample software code ?
  • Commentator: Alexander
  • Gender: Mr.
  • Commenting time:2017.04.18
  • Comment: HI! I purchased a demokit + a GDEW042Z15. Could you send me the demo Code / source and manual to my email?
    Thanks in Advance.
  • Reply: ok
  • Reply: ok
  • Commentator: Yoshi
  • Gender: Mr.
  • Commenting time:2017.04.08
  • Comment: Hello? Could you send manuals and sample code to me?
  • Reply: ok, no problem
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