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Dalian Good Display Co., Ltd.
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Good Display is a professional E-ink Display/E-paper Display module, monochrome LCD Display and module, TFT LCD Display, OLED Display and ESL manufacturer in China. We were founded in 2007 and passionate about engineering the best displays for your specic product.    [More...]

    • B/W Eink Screen
    • E-Paper Display features black & white, supporting partial refresh.
    • 3-Color E-Paper
    • Tri-Color e-paper display features black, white and red or yellow pigments.
    • Segment E-Paper
    • Segment e-paper display is available to customize in various shape.
    • Evaluation Kit
    • E-Paper display kit are marketed to engineers and provides turnkey solution.
    • ESL Tag
    • ESL system is based on cloud server, BLE5.0 Technology, API is available.
    • OLED Display
    • OLED displays have Improved image quality and Better durability.
    • LCD A/D Board
    • TFT LCD Displays with A/D board of HDMI,VGA,DVI port.LCD controller board
    • Segment LCD
    • 7-segment LCD Display and custom-made VA LCD panels and monochrome LCD.
    • Dot Matrix LCD
    • Dot-Matrix LCD displays including charater and graphical in a wide range of sizes.