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Manufacturer GOOD DISPLAY
Part Number GDC0209
Display content


Outline Dimension 23.0x10.0x2.8mm
Active Area 20.0x6.0mm
Viewing Direction 6:00/12:00 o'clock
Backlight Color NO
Operating Voltage 2.50V


Operating Temp


Normal temp LCD:-10℃—60℃ 

Extended temp LCD: -20℃—70℃  

Super-extended temp LCD: -40℃—80℃


Storage Tempe

Normal temp LCD:-20℃—70℃    

Extended temp LCD: -30℃—80℃

Super-extended temp LCD: -45℃—85℃

Drive method 1/4Duty  1/3Bias
Display Type TN Positive
Polarizer Mode Reflection
Connector Pin (16 Pins) Pin Length is optional
Recommended Driver IC HT1621(Without)
Net Weight 3g





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