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Good Display was awarded 2011 TOP 100 Supplier Alibaba Globe

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Good Display was awarded 2011 Global Best 100 Netrepreneurs on June,15,2011.




The annual Selection of Global Best Ten Netrepreneurs will start on March 28, 2011. It is known as the Oscar Award in the new economic area. It is the most influential and most professional selection activity in the global business world. It is pursued by countless outstanding entrepreneurs.


The selection of the best ten netrepreneurs is the main activity of the netrepreneur conference. Netrepreneur conference, co-sponsored by China Electronic Commerce Association and Alibaba Group, was held in 2004 for the first time. So far, it has been held for 7 times. It is an open communication platform specially created for netrepreneurs. It is an annual event for the global business world and small and mid-sized businesses. The netrepreneur conference plays an important catalyzing role for the development of China’s E-commerce and the rising of New Business Paradigm.

In September 2011, the 8th netrepreneur conference will kick off in Hangzhou, China. The conference will select the Global Best Ten Netrepreeneurs of 2011 to reward outstanding netrepreneurs actively promoting the growth of netrepreneurs undertaking and economic development. The standards on the global best ten netrepreneurs for 2011 are: open, sharing, transparent and responsible.

The conference will also issue special awards including the influential netrepreneurs of the year, innovative netrepreneurs of the year, trustworthy and responsible netrepreneurs of the year, green netrepreneurs of the year, marketing creative netrepreneurs of the year, best countryside netrepreneurs and etc. and a series of eco-partner awards.


  Photo with Shannan Stevenson (P&G's President-Greater China)


                             Photo with famous Netrepreneur