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EPD FAQ Debugging

Good Display has been engaged in the development and assembly for E-ink Display/E-paper Display module, monochrome LCD Display, TFT LCD Display, OLED Display etc,  and we were passionate about engineering various display solutions for your specific products.    [More...]

    • 2-Color EPD
    • Black & white graphic e-paper display with fast partial refresh.
    • 3-Color EPD
    • Tri-color e-paper display features black, white and red/yellow pigments.
    • Segment EPD
    • Segment e-paper display is available to customize in various shape.
    • Evaluation Kit
    • E-paper display kit are marketed to engineers and provides turnkey solution.
    • Electronic Tag
    • Electronic nameplate, e-ink wireless label, ESL tag, Electronic price tag
    • OLED Display
    • OLED displays have Improved image quality and better durability.
    • Monochrome LCD
    • Segment custom LCD panel, character and graphic dot-matrix LCD module.