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  • Product Name: Biological radar sensor, millimeter wave, 24GHz, IR24VDA
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IR24VDA radar module is a radar detection module based on millimeter wave Doppler radar system for human biological motion perception and human biological perception. This module is based on the enhanced Doppler radar signal processing system, and realizes wireless perception of the status of personnel in a specific place through synchronous sensing technology of Doppler parameters of personnel movements and physiological parameters of personnel.
This module has the following working characteristics:
1. This module restricts the detection object to personnel (moving or stationary) and eliminates interference from other inanimate objects in the environment;
2. Can realize the synchronous perception function of moving personnel and stationary personnel;
3. Can effectively eliminate the interference of non-living objects, and can also detect non-living moving objects;
4. The output power of this module is small, and no harm to human body;
5. This module is not affected by environmental factors such as temperature, light and dust. It has the advantages of long detection distance, high sensitivity, and wide application fields.


· 24GHz millimeter wave radar sensor
· 2 × 8 microstrip antenna
· Based on enhanced Doppler radar technology, to realize the human perception function in two-dimensional area;
· Realize the synchronous perception function of moving personnel and stationary personnel;
· Maximum distance for motion perception: ≥20 meters
· Maximum human perception distance: ≥5 meters
· Antenna beam width: 80 ° / 30 °
· Not affected by temperature, humidity, noise, airflow, dust, light, etc., suitable for harsh environments;
· The output power is small, which is not harmful to the human body

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Use bio-radar to determine whether there are people in the room, confirm the situation of people in hotels and family rooms, and connect smart home devices such as TVs and air conditioners. Without involving the privacy of the camera, you can know the daily situation of the elderly living alone.





Check the number and distribution of people in the room

A person's breathing and heart rate were measured without contact

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