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  • Product Name: 5.8 inch stretched bar TFT LCD panel GDS058SZY35KV
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GDS058SZY35KV is a 5.8 inch color active matrix liquid crystal display(LCD) with 800x300 resolution. This product is composed of a TFT LCD panel, driver ICs, FPC and a backlight unit. This GDS058SZY35KV is a bar lcd panel, it can meet your special needs for the size of the tft screen.
It is a very good choice for medical device, motorcars, instruments and apparatus etc. Its viewing direction is 12 o'clock and its interface is RGB 24bit.

· It is a bar lcd panel.
· Support RGB 24bit  interface.
· Its viewing direction is 12 o'clock




Module number GDS058SZY35KV
Size 5.8''
Resolution 800x320
Display Mode Normally White
Interface RGB-24bit
Connect type FH12-60S-0.5SH
Pixel pitch(mm) 0.1719x0.1609
Viewing Direction 12 O'clock
LCM(W*H*D)(mm) 154.40x63.34x3.50
Active Area(mm) 137.52x51.44
LED Numbers 24 LEDs
Luminance 500 cd/m²
Operating Temp. -20℃~60℃
Storage Temp. -30℃~70℃
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Part Number Size Resolution Pixel pitch (mm) Luminance Features
GDS039TZT34KV 3.9'' 480x128 0.198x0.198 500 Nits stretched bar lcd 
GDS039TZT34KV-GF35 3.9'' 480x128 0.198x0.198 400cd/m² with CTP touch panel
GDS046TZY37KV 4.6'' 800x320 0.135x0.135 550cd/m² stretched bar lcd 
GDS046TZY37KVR 4.6'' 800x320 0.135x0.135 550cd/m² with O-Flim full viewing angle
GDS046TZY37KV-GF35 4.6'' 800x320 0.135x0.135 450cd/m² with CTP touch panel
GDS088JZA31QE 8.8'' 1280x320 0.1695x0.1695 400cd/m² stretched bar lcd 
GDS123DZX34HV 12.3'' 1920x720 0.1523x0.1523 1000cd/m² Big size, all view direction, wide Temp.
GDS123DZX34HV-GF43 12.3'' 1920x720 0.1523x0.1523 1000cd/m² with touch panel, Big size, wide Temp.





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