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Electronic shelf label(ESL) also be called digital price tags or electronic price tags, and ifLabel Electronic shelf label solution would help you to save time with automatic price updates.

It's more cost-efficient than paper, and improves your customers' experience with accurate, reliable pricing.












Screen Size

2.13 inch  (diagonal)


External (W x H x D)

Visible screen area

(W x H)

65.5 x 40.0 x 12.2mm

2.56 x 1.57 x 0.48”

48.7 x 24.5mm

1.92 x 0.97”





Dots per inch (DPI)



Black and white

bistable EPD(E-ink E-paper)


Landscape or Portrait

Viewing angle

Near 180° viewing


Standard unit available

with white or orange red bezel


For smart warehouse, smart supermarket, smart retail 


Operating temperature Range


0°C to 50°C

+32°F to 122°F

Storage temperature


-20°C to 70°C

-4°F to 158°F

Battery life

Up to 5-10 years

(5 updates/day)

Replaceable batteries

CR2450 x 1


Supported by multiple fitting options – stands,

adapters, individual long-length shelf-rails

Additional specialist fittings also available

upon request.




2.4G 16-way wireless


Bezel colours available


Yes (MOQ applies)








Low cost, High return on investment, Customizable

Ultra-low-cost solutions

Long service life

Flexible management of price information, ensuring acuity, real-time, efficiency

Flexible fixed mode, suitable for different conditions

Updating price and more convenient for stocktake 

Seamless support for store management system, such as smart warehouse, supermarket etc.

A revolution for price management

Effective return on investment to stores and warehouse.

Electronic price tags controls the price information subtly precisely, and reduces labor cost.

By the dynamic price adjustment, stores can do more promotion activity, improving the sales and store image.

Good Display innovative technology speeds up the internationalization, science and   technology

 of enterprise and promotes the enterprise competitiveness.



Access Processor (AP)







2.4G 16-way wireless

Number of ILA300ZV12 Cover

Each covers 500 ESLs

Covered distance

30m (Radius)


140.0 x 120.0 x 38.0mm



Working Temperature 

-20°C ~ + 70°C

Operating Voltage

DC +5.0V


Input: AC 10C-240C 50/60Hz  Output: DC 5.0V 1000mA

Power supply

Adaptor or Ethernet cable

Port to Server

WIFI or Ethernet cable



System structure and configuration

The system’s structure

The entire system can be divided into three parts, which is frontal display, server data processing & command control; and wireless communication.

(1) Frontal display

This part is mainly about display item information onto  digital price tags.

(2) Server data processing & command control

Mainly two functions. Record data sent for digital price tags display, eventually for storage management for smart warehouse; one is record the commodities’ information into the store management system; Command and update information to digital price tags.

(3) Wireless communication

We transmit data mainly via wireless communication, when the control system send a command to update product information, it is first send to router, then to AP by WIFI or Ethernet cable, and finally transmit to each digital price tags by RF.

The system structure’s drawing as follow:






What is the ESL?

ESL represents Electronic Shelf Label, which is an electronic label that can be installed on the shelf. It is a label with a E-Paper display for item display, instead of the traditional paper display. The information on the screen is transmitted from the server, the screen display items such as product’s name, price, logo, bar code, production area, etc. The Electronic Shelf Label system can be managed and maintained easily by an operator in a specific area of the market. You may manage the product information on the Electronic Shelf Label via the terminal control system on a computer, the ESL will update in real time as the update start.


How does the Electronic Shelf Label System(ESLS) work?

The Electronic Shelf Label system consisted of input device, host computer, router device, Access Processor(AP) device and ESL tag device.
Step one, the user needs to input information for product into the database server, either by manual input or scanner device.
Step two, the server will give command and information to various Access Processor(AP) set in the market or smart warehouse, each AP controls a group of Electronic Shelf Labels, the AP will transmit the information from the server to each every Electronic Shelf Label via RF.

Last step, each Electronic Shelf Label will receive information and send a feedback message to AP and eventually to the server. If the feedback is correct, Electronic Shelf Label will finally update its new item information, if failed, the server will alarm and prompt to update again.


Why choose ifLabel? 




The application of our product





Our Certifications   



download attachments : IL0213C Series Spec V2.0 【查看】


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