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TN LCD shutter for Welding helmet

Outline size:96.0x48.0x2.0 mm
View Area:93.0x42.5 mm
Operatng voltage:3.0V
Drive method: Static
LCD type:TN,transmissive,positive
Operating temp:-10°C to 50°C
Storage temp:-20°C to 60°C  

Viewing angle:6 O'clock





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  • Commentator: Josh Thompson
  • Gender: Mr.
  • Commenting time:2014.10.30
  • Comment: Hello,
    I am looking for a LCD shutter for my company's welding microscope. Orders would be made of about 100 units, with a yearly total of 300-400 units. I have some questions. Is it possible to create a circular LCD shutter? Do your LCD shutters include a UV & IR filter? Is the 3V operating voltage the only possible voltage (12V?)? Is there a colored tint when viewing through the shutter when it is transparent (we would prefer no color)?

    I look forward to your reply.
  • Reply: Dear Josh Thompson, Did you test our LCD shuuter? How about it? anything, pls contact Gina, email : [email protected],  thanks.
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