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MODEL                                                                           GTM040HS-54D-HY0-A0

Size                                                                                4 inch

Resolution                                                                       320x240

Display scale                                                                   5:4

Technology                                                                      a-Si

Interface                                                                          24Bit RGB

Drive-screen voltage                                                         3.3 V

Pixel Pitch                                                                      0.2565x0.2565  mm

Active Area                                                                     82.08x61.56 mm

Viewing Angle                                                                 70/70/60/70 

Operation Temperature                                                    -20oC ~ 70oC

Storage Temperature                                                      -30oC ~ 80oC

Applications                                                                    lndustry



We can provide the matched driver board for VGA/Video input.




What should I notice when using the lcd panel?

Please see following important safety instructions:

1. The nominal voltage of DC input to the A/D board is 12V, The size of DC current depends on the TFT    LCD panel, audio amplifier, etc. Please note that your AC/DC adapter's output plug need to match the DC input jack, the diameter of the jack is 5.5 mm.

2. Before connecting these input/output ports, Video port, it is strongly recommended that your turn off the     A/D board and remove the DC 12V plug from the DC input jack.

3. Don’t put the A/D board into an airtight package. When it works, it will produce a certain heat.

4.  When assembling it, please use a suitable force; don’t distort the PCB and other components.







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How do your factory control the quality?

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All Products of Good Display can be provided in small quantities with long term supply.  Products are complete, with quality assurance.
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