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  • Product Name: 5" TFT LCD Panel - GDS050WV43
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Size 5inch
Resolution 800x480
Display scale 16:9
Interface RGB-24bit
Display Spec. Pixel pitch (mm) 0.135 x 0.135
Viewing Direction 12 O’clock
Driver IC NV1057&NV3858-B
Technology a-Si
LCM (W x H x D) (mm) 120.7*76.3*3.1
Active Area(mm) 108 x64.8
With /Without TSP Without TSP
LED Numbers 12 LEDs
Backlight LED
Operation Temperature -20oC ~ 70oC
Storage Temperature -30oC ~ 80oC
Applications Car Video



What should I notice when using the lcd panel?

Please see following important safety instructions:

1. The nominal voltage of DC input to the A/D board is 12V, The size of DC current depends on the TFT    LCD panel, audio amplifier, etc. Please note that your AC/DC adapter's output plug need to match the DC input jack, the diameter of the jack is 5.5 mm.

2. Before connecting these input/output ports, Video port, it is strongly recommended that your turn off the     A/D board and remove the DC 12V plug from the DC input jack.

3. Don’t put the A/D board into an airtight package. When it works, it will produce a certain heat.

4.  When assembling it, please use a suitable force; don’t distort the PCB and other components.






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