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  • Product Name: FS LCD,3-1/2 7-Segment Color LCD Module EDM803
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Viewing Angle: 6H

Drive Voltage: 5.0V

Polarizer: Transmissive

Drive Method: Static (1/1duty,1/1bias)

Connector: PIN

Operating Temp.: 0 to +70C

Storage Temp.: -20 to 80 C

Backlight: RGB LEDs

Interface: Serial and Parallel port.

FS LCD (Field Sequential Liquid Crystal Display)

It is the new generation 8 colors technology of LCD with brighter and clearer images currently under mass production.

It uses a series of RGB backlight and fast switching liquid crystal to display the color pixel instead of traditional color filter.

It boasts fresh colors; each pixel can display eight kinds of colors with high contrast and wide viewing angle.

Economical alternative for full color display solutions.

Upgrade your Mono-display to colorful one at competitive price.

FS LCD is the future trends of high-end liquid crystal display.

FS-LCD Principle:

FS-LCD emits red green and blue beams sequentially through the RGB LED and mix these color beams to get a colorful effect. And by fast switching of emitting beams (above human visible frequency (60Hz) causes the resistance of vision in human brain and further these remaining visions stack with each other to get a colorful picture.

FS-LCD Characteristic:

* Fast Response Time Liquid Crystal(5ms).
* RGB LED Backlight .
* 8 colors display
* High contrast
* Low power consumption (vs. CSTN-LCD, TFT-LCD)
* Wide view angle and better brightness
* Low tooling charge of FS-LCD Panel (vs. CSTN-LCD,TFT-LCD)
* Competitive cost performance than CSTN/TFT module
* Easy to control by using MCU Interface.

What's FS-LCD? 

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