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  • Product Name: 12.3 inch stretched bar TFT LCD panel big size ultra extra temperature GDS123DZX34HV
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GDS123DZX34HV is a 12.3 inch color bar active matrix liquid crystal display(LCD) with 1920*720 resolution. This product is composed of a TFT LCD panel, driver ICs, FPC and a backlight unit. Its interface is LVDS. 
It is bar lcd panel with high brightness and high resolution, and it can meet your special needs for the size of the tft screen. Also it has 80 LEDs.

· Support LVDS interface.
· It is a bar lcd panel.
· High resolution(1920x720) and high brightness(1000 cd/m²)
· Wide operating temperature(-30℃~85℃)






Module number GDS123DZX34HV
Size 12.3''
Resolution 1920x720
Display Mode Normally Black
Interface 2 port LVDS
Connect type ZIF connector: FH41-40S-0.5SH
Pixel pitch(mm) 0.1523x0.1523
Viewing Direction ALL
LCM(W*H*D)(mm) 312.40x134.86x7.30
Active Area(mm) 292.32x109.62
LED Numbers 80 LEDs
Luminance 1000 cd/m²
Operating Temp. -30℃~85℃
Storage Temp. -40℃~95℃







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Part Number Size Resolution Pixel pitch (mm) Luminance Features
GDS039TZT34KV 3.9'' 480x128 0.198x0.198 500 Nits stretched bar lcd 
GDS039TZT34KV-GF35 3.9'' 480x128 0.198x0.198 400cd/m² with CTP touch panel
GDS046TZY37KV 4.6'' 800x320 0.135x0.135 550cd/m² stretched bar lcd 
GDS046TZY37KVR 4.6'' 800x320 0.135x0.135 550cd/m² with O-Flim full viewing angle
GDS046TZY37KV-GF35 4.6'' 800x320 0.135x0.135 450cd/m² with CTP touch panel
GDS088JZA31QE 8.8'' 1280x320 0.1695x0.1695 400cd/m² stretched bar lcd 
GDS123DZX34HV 12.3'' 1920x720 0.1523x0.1523 1000cd/m² Big size, all view direction, wide Temp.
GDS123DZX34HV-GF43 12.3'' 1920x720 0.1523x0.1523 1000cd/m² with touch panel, Big size, wide Temp.





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