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Notices for Flexible E-ink Display

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Notices for Flexible Screen



At present, our company has a variety of flexible screen e-paper.


Part Number




Refresh time

Partial refresh time

GDEW0102I4FC 1.02 inch 128x80 Flexible, Partial refresh 3s 0.3s
GDEW0213I5F 2.13 inch 212x104 Flexible, Partial refresh 3s 0.3s
GDEW029I6F 2.9 inch 296x128 Flexible, Partial refresh 3s 0.3s
So what are the precautions for flexible screens when we use them?
1. It is forbidden to repeatedly bend the surrounding wire area of the product.
                                                  Do not bend the arrow mark area.
2. There should be no foreign matter on the front and back of the product. The assembled backplane must also be smooth and free of foreign matter. This product can only be bent back and forth, and cannot be bent left or right.
3. The key point is that the electronic paper IC and the FPC front-end binding area are prohibited from bending.
                                                     Red area is forbidden to bend.
4. The surface of the flexible e-paper display is coated with a hot melt film. Do not touch the front and back sides of the screen with sharp objects, otherwise the screen will be damaged.
5. The heating temperature of the flexible e-paper display screen can not reach 70℃, otherwise the screen will be damaged.
6. The mold used to test the degree of bending of the flexible electronic paper display can be made into a fan-shaped mold with a central angle of 60 degrees and a radius of 5 cm.
                                                           Example of Product Bending
    Can only be bent back and forth                                                    Do not bend left or right

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