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Q:Can I use the program of A to refresh the B?
A:No. You must select correctly the corresponding sample program.
Q:When testing three-color e-paper, the time interval is 10s, and refreshed in succession. Finally, the e-paper has residual image or even brushed. What is the reason?
A:The specification requires that the three-color e-paper refresh interval is 180 seconds. In the case, the customer only has 10 seconds. This is doing a destructive test, which is far exceeding the standard. We hope that the customers will strictly follow the specifications in future tests.
Q:After the e-paper enters deep sleep, can it be refreshed again?
A:Yes, but you need to re-do the e-paper initialization operation with the software.
Q:Can I use tri-color e-paper as a monochrome e-paper?
A:In theory, it is ok, but when users use it, they need to use a monochrome e-paper program to refresh the three-color screen.
Q:What is the bending angle of flexible e-paper?
A:Keep the chip from bending and the e-paper display portion can be bent up to 60 degrees.
Q:Is there a general program for low temperature e-paper?
A:Yes. You can use the programs of the normal temperature e-paper which has the same size and same resolution.
Q:Sometimes, the red three-color e-paper shows a red shallow, why?
A:When the three-color e-paper is placed for a long time, it is best to invert and brush it all white, otherwise the red particles will sink. It is best to refresh every 24H when using it.
Q:How to drive flexible e-paper?
A:You can use the program of the glass substrate e-paper which has the same size and same resolution.
Q:Picture production and Bitmap Convert for a three color e-paper
A:First make a three-color map, then separate the two parts with software, one part is black and white, and the other part is red and white. Then modulo refresh can be done (except for individual large sizes)
Q:Can I change the display orientation of the screen?
A:Normal is OK, you need to use the modulo software to select "horizontal scanning" + "bottom to top scanning" + "color reversal"
Q:Sometimes the screen does not show well, why?
A:The modulo mode is incorrect. If it is the partial part of the screen, maybe the picture size or modulo resolution is incorrect.
Q:Can I achieve partial refresh at the same time in different locations of the screen?
A:This requires the customer to perform a unified operation during the software design. First you need to brush the data in different locations to the electronic paper IC, and then uniformly perform UPDATE.
Q:Where is the 0 point coordinate?
A:The upper right corner of the positive direction of the e-paper is the coordinate origin.
Q:In the continuous full-screen partial refresh, the residual image of the e-paper is serious, how to solve it?
A:You can perform a full brush after several consecutive partial refreshes.
Q:How to make the Picture production and Bitmap Convert? And Can I change this method?
A:Our company can provide users with complete instructions, please ask your sales staff. In addition, the method is the factory default. If you feel inconvenient, you can modify the history of the e-paper writing function by programming.
Q:There are different points in the Screen. How to solve it?
A:Different sizes of e-paper has different size of the spots, and customers can refer to the specifications for comparison. In addition, about the spots, the e-paper has a acceptable range when out of the factory. 
Q:How to distinguish the front and back of the screen?
A:The side with the protective film is the positive direction.
Q:Why does the e-paper display flash?
A:In order to eliminate the residual image, the e-paper needs to perform the clearing operation by flashing.
Q:Are there any special requirements for the use environment of e-paper?
A:Avoid direct sunlight and operate in strict accordance with the temperature and humidity range required by the specification. The tri-color screen needs to be placed upside down if it is not used for a long time, and the screen is completely white.
Q:How to download the program?
A:You need to purchase the JTAG emulator yourself, and you need to install the KEIL4 software for program download.
Q:J-link download
A:Our DEMO board supports J-link and the download port is JTAG.
Q:Can I drive e-paper with an nRF chip?
A:Yes, you only need to reserve 6 IO to drive the e-paper.
Q:How to read registers?
A:You need to edit the SPI read function yourself and read it as described in the specification.
Q:The display color is too light, how to adjust?
A:The e-paper display effect is improved by adjusting the VCOM voltage driven by this e-paper. The higher the VCOM value, the heavier the display color. (OTP products cannot adjust the display effect temporarily)
Q:LCD modulo software can not be registered, how to solve it?
A:Please contact the sales, he will help you solve it.
Q:Does it support external Flash?
A:At present, our program does not add external flash. If you have any requirements, please refer to GDEW075Z09 specification, interface SPI.
Q:When the e-paper starts again after deeping sleep, there will be residual images left. How to solve it?
A:A full screen refresh is required when waking up the e-paper to ensure that the screen completely eliminates image sticking.
Q:Why the refreshing time of a SPI interface screen is longer than the parallel?
A:Because the SPI screen can only transmit 1 bit of data at a time, but the parallel screen can transmit multiple bits of data at the same time.
Q:Can keil4 project be downloaded with keil5?
A:Yes, but the customer needs to recompile the keil4 project with keil5 and then download it.
Q:How to write my own drive?
A:Each e-paper has a corresponding program flow chart, and the customer can write the driver according to this flow chart.
Q:What are LUT and OTP?
A:The LUT is a load waveform file, and the waveform file is divided into two types: OTP and registration. The OTP is a built-in waveform storage mode, and the register is an external waveform storage mode.
Q:How to choose MOS tube?
A:You'd better choose these two models: Si1304BDL or Si1308EDL SOT-23 (SC70). Otherwise, the power consumption of electronic paper will be too large during the design process.
Q:How to choose a diode?
A:Customers can match based on component parameters,MBR0530 30V 0.5A.
Q:How to choose the inductance?
A:Choose a wirewound inductor, 10uH 1A 1210 wirewound inductor, the greater the rated current of the inductor, the more energy stored, the better the boosting effect.
Q:After the software is transplanted, the working current of the electronic paper becomes larger. What is the reason?
A:Under normal circumstances, the ARM chip is used. If you use another chip, you need to set the program. The SPI working frequency should not exceed 2MHZ.
Q:When designing the driver circuit, the specification description is different from the circuit schematic. How to choose?
A:When designing, please refer directly to the circuit schematic of our adapter board.
Q:E-paper adapter board docks with other MCU
A:Usually we use e-paper of SPI interfaces. When users use them on other MCU devices, they only need to connect directly to their IO ports according to the circuit schematics we provide. The IO ports should best avoid JTAG, SWD, UART. 

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