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How to install ESL system?

Number of visits: Date:2014-09-05

1. Preparation before installation.

Before installation, you need to prepare a computer, the requirements of hardware and Windows OS are:

  • CPU:≥300 MHz

  • RAM:≥512M

  • HDD:≥10G

  • Network:10/100M

  • Standard Input & Output Devices

  • Strongly Recommend Windows XP (Service Pack 3 or later), Access 2000 or later.

Note: If your computer do not install net framework before, when installing our software, the computer will require to install it first.


2. Download softwares from our website.

Mainly there are three parts of our softwares:


  • RFID Server

  • RFID Client

  • MySQL Database 



But if there is a fourth software: RFIDMarket, which is a simulated market database, can communication with our ESL system, to realize changing the goods name and related information.

Note: When installing MySQL Database, you will need a RFID.sql file to import data.


3. Detailed introduction of how to install our softwares

First, install RFID Server and Client. Double click the rar.files, then click "setup" and choose default install. Follow the next step until done.

Second, install MySQL database. Please check following picture to learn how to set during installation.



4. Registry

The software can only be used after register.





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