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ESL* system is on sale, don't miss it !!

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ESL system is what we talk business :)

If you do focus on the latest technic of wireless display please read this, it may help you with your store or warehouse. ESL (Electronic Shelf Label) is an electronic display system that can be placed in store. ESL is a substitution of the traditional papery price tag. Each tag is linked to the database of your PC, and displays the latest price update. The working frequency of the Century UHF ESL is 2.4GHz~2.526GHz (ISM).

From now to January is our sale season therefor all your orders will enjoy 5% discount. (Expt. delivery cost)

Not so clear about what you may need? First of all you need distribute which area is going to be your product presenting use. In other words you need to have a shelf or presenting window etc. And then you need a PC that can modify the price database anytime you like. The PC must be able to plug a LAN cable to access a router. Now you’ve got a standard condition to install ESL ready.

ESL consists of  several parts including AP, Tags and mounting groove. Mounting groove is  optional for keeping label from being stolen. Apart from that the AP is the core to communicate with your tags, which means AP need to be installed over your shelf. (see the picture below)



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