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New year sale: Monocolor/segment LCD panels

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Monochrome LCD Panel and Module


Good Display devote ourselves to supply client distinctive, professional and durable LCDs all the time.   Some NEW LCD solutions for your reference:


lUltralow operation temperature(-45 c to + 85 c) Segment LCD panel and module, which can be used on outdoor/indoor severe cold environment. It's also a good alternative for Pressure Indicators, Flow indicators, signal display, current display and so on. 


lUltralow operating temperature(-40 c to + 80c) Graphic(128x64) LCD Module,  with ITO heating plate, which can be used on cold storage and so on.


lLow-power dissipation COG Module, control total power dissipation lower than 100uA, PIN or FPC connection, with fixing frame.


lColorful VA LCD,high contrast, wide angle, 8 colors, brings you low-cost but high quality visual experience.


lFull Angle TN LCD,  with special IC to support more segments, remains high contrast to replace FSTN solution with low cost.


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